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Play 20 Card Keno


Winning at Keno

After running different patterns and numbers hundreds of thousands of times we have determined there are many ways to win. The problem in dealing with random numbers is sometimes there can be a big drought in your numbers being selected. This means you could possibly have to put into a slot machine a lot of money to win a lot of money. eg; Put $1,000 dollars into a machine to win $1,500. (Not many people would do this)

Basically the best plan is to select less numbers and bet them higher, they do not pay as well, but are more likely to be selected. Using real 20 card keno software you can experiment thousands and thousands of times and view the results by history and the current session.

About Random Numbers
When 20 random numbers are computer generated this means that with each run different numbers are selected. It does not matter what numbers were previously selected by the randomize.


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